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ICUP 2021 Webinar

Face-to-face conferences were not possible in 2020-21, so we held a webinar instead. The presentations are available below:


Ruben Bueno introduces the ICUP Webinar - 9 March 2021

Federica Boiocchi (University of Milan, Italy)

Household Arthropods and Their Associated Bacterial Communities

Klaus Zimmermann (Inatura GmbH, Austria)

Rising Summer Temperatures Favour Spread of The House Centipede, Scutigera coleoptrata, in Central Europe

Victor Lopez Del Amo (University of California, USA)

CRISPR Gene-Drive Technologies For Urban Population Engineering

Jordi Pascual Sala (Public Health Agency, Barcelona, Spain)

Reproductive Seasonality and Fertility of Norway Rats in The City of Barcelona

Michael Rust (University of California, USA)

Controlling Yellowjackets in Urban Recreational Areas

Closing Comments

Final words from Ruben Bueno